Christian Socialists

Who are we?
The Christian Socialists ( Kristne Arbeidere) is an independent organisation within the Norwegian Labour Movement. Our foundation is Christian beliefs and ethics, and the ideas of democratic socialism. Our members come from a broad spectre of Christian churches and from outside the churchesWe wish to be a deliverer of Christian premises into the arena of political debates both in the Labour Party and in the rest of society.

Christian Socialists consider human beings to be in charge of the wellbeing of each other and of the creation as a whole. Both individuals and society are obliged to care for those in need and to fight the culture of greed which we can see evolving, threatening both human values and creation.

The value of human life can not be measured by its ability to reason, its capacity, ethnic or national background, sex or colour of skin; we consider human beings a value in itself.

Christian Socialists was founded in 1939 in Folkets Hus in Oslo. Jan Rudy Kristensen is the elected president of the organisation

Our goal
Through our work we wish to show the parallels between the teachings of Jesus and our responsibility to care for all creation and the ideology of democratic socialism. We want public sector to be used as a basis to create a society with equal conditions for all.

Our work
Quarterly we come out with the periodical «Kristne Arbeidere». The focus of the periodical is on political, religious, cultural and ideological issues.

We arrange meetings, seminaries and conferences where we work on important issues in the public discourse.

We arrange Christian meetings and send out lay preachers to corporations and businesses in order to reach out to as many as possible with the Gospel.

We also have a good cooperation with the Norwegian Labour Party, both in general political issues and in the meeting with the religious part of Norwegian Society.


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